• Hello Helper!

    I believe I have been a helper my whole life.

    Perhaps you are the same. 

    I worked so hard at pleasing or helping everyone around me

    I forgot to take care of my own needs.

    The truth was- I did not really forget- I just believed it was not important.

    At times I felt that maybe this was just who I am and if I was meant to help others then perhaps putting my own needs last was something I needed to learn.

    However, as I gave more and more, I noticed things were getting worse, not better.


     I decided that I had to take responsibility for where I was and commit to my own personal development.


    Once I did, I stumbled across books, I found a coach, studied hard, and practised it over and over. 


    The truth was, the better I became at communication, the easier I could speak my own truth, the more I upheld my own boundaries- the more I could offer to others.

    The women I have coached in my practice are all strong, big-hearted helpers who all had the same thing in common. 

    They found it hard to put themselves first

    However, when they committed to making it a practice as I did, they also were surprised by the results that came. 


    I am here to tell you-

    you can learn to put yourself first and it does not need to be difficult.

    If you are like me I can bet you're not going to give up being a helper.


    Its who we are.


    So let's get into learning some skills that will keep us in a position to keep giving without losing ourselves in the process.