• #52 Interview with Jodie Wilson

  • This week I get to chat to Jodie Wilson. Reiki Master, Mom, Teacher. 

    Tune in to hear her story how she became a helper and also how she takes care of herself while doing that. 

    Connect with Jodie below:

    Instagram @coloursofthewindhealing 





    “Growing up with a mother who was a Reiki Master and medium. I was able to see and understand that there is more to us the just beings but It wasn’t until my early 20s where I started my own spiritual journey and inner healing did I fully become aware of how much the universe and all its glory plays a part in everything. I always knew I wanted to help people but was never really sure what path I wanted to take.. it wasn’t until I found my own Reiki teacher and spiritual mentor that I found my true path. The connection I feel with reiki and how I can help and heal people really resonates with my soul. I became aware that we are all the same but different, that we are all connected and that we all just need love. We are all here for a reason and to find that reason is truly amazing.”