• Welcome to the first episode of The Helpers, a podcast I created for those in the helping profession.

    Self-care has always been a study area for myself and I have found that finding uplifting content that is tailored to the helpers has been a hard one to find.

    So I created it.

    I look forward to questioning and exploring some big questions that surround the topic of self-care, relationships, supervision and communication.

    This episode covers three things and is a short overview of my story, the podcasts intention and also an inspiring quick activity that will help you get 2019 started off with strong intention.

    This podcast will also include guests in the future that will share their stories with you. Please remember that I created this for you- I welcome feedback and anything you wish to share whether that is topics or suggestions on guests you would like me to include in episodes.

    Please subscribe and leave a comment down below if this topic is something that interests you or you have suggestions for show topics or guests.

    Thank you again for giving me your most valuable resource- your time.

    Tams xx

    Here are the resources mentioned in this episode.


    Podcast transcript here

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